True Customer Service..

What is true customer service and how is it attained.

As a business owner, we have one goal: attract more customers.   But the only way to attract more customers is through other customers. Customers that are happy, satisfied, and can virally spread your company name.  Recently, I had an issue with my mobile phone service and I needed to speak with Customer Service. While this company is known for their customer service, they did not help me close my issue well. 

To soothe my anger, I did what any tech savvy customer would do: I took it to Twitter and Facebook.  I was joined by my 35% of my 1000+ friends complaining about the "great customer service" ,when it occurred to me- how great can their customer service be, if so many of us have had issues with this company? Then, I had another frightening thought: What if someone had this type of issue with my company and posted it on a social media website?

While I am  not a multi-million dollar organization who can afford  (these days not so much) half a million people mad at my company policies; no business certainly cannot afford for people to share their bad customer service experiences with my company through social media. So the true question is:

What is the meaning of True Customer Service?

Being Good to Mad Customers: In business there will always be unhappy customers. But even your unhappy customers should leave feeling satisfied with their unhappiness. They should be able to say,  "They were not able to handle or cater to my needs. I don't like that. But, at least the can accept that." In a perfect world this is true. As small business owner, we can bend our own rules to satisfy a customer. But how often do you do this? And what is that customer worth to you?

Being  Real: If you are not going to give that person a refund or exchange. Be truthful! Its great that you're company is nice. But it is better that the customers knows what's going on and what they are really getting when dealing with your business.

Being Flexible: There's nothing worse than a customer calling you and you only offer two options; none of which is beneficial to the customer. They ask you for what they really need. Then you ignore them. That's like offering bananas and apples , when your customer needs an orange.

Being tech Savvy: It pays to know what people are saying about you. Try to encourage truth online about the way people feel about your company. My social media demonstration got a lot of my friends that work for that company looking at what others were saying. Also, realize that the regular consumer has the power of the internet. With enough friends and websites....they can damage your image.


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